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How to Begin with Unity 3D……?? (Part-II)

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Hey folks,  how are you all?? We know that it has been long since we posted the first part of this tutorial but now we are back . So now let’s start the part-II of this tutorial which basically comprises of the properties of the different components for them to work properly , because as soon as you start working on unity you will notice that the properties are one of the most important concept in unity 3d for the components to interact well with each other.

So , without wasting time any further let’s begin:-

Main Camera:- The main camera is the first thing we all need to set before we can start with our game development because it is what controls the amount of environment and objects that are going to be visible in each frame of the game, so it’s the key aspect of any game. To adjust the camera settings click on it and then go in the Inspector and then click on Camera option ,a sub-menu will open and then adjust the projection, size, clipping planes, depth and other settings to make your game view according to yourself.


Directional Light:- The directional light defines the amount or intensity of light that will strike with your components i.e the amount of glossiness and brightness depends on the properties of directional light. So just like the camera adjust the properties of the directional light.Try different intensity ,color and bounce intensity ratios.


Ground:- Now the ground must have the following characteristics to hold on the objects that are going to rest on it. The most common elements of the ground properties are mesh collider and mesh renderer  but you can experiment with many different available options.


Now these are the some common components of every project but we are going to discuss some more just for your understanding of other objects.

Sphere:- A sphere acts as a player in majority of the games so if you are planning on to  making a ball game here is your quick starter of the properties of the sphere or the game player. A sphere must have a rigid body to interact with other game components and also a sphere collider to collide with other objects. Also a script(C# or .js) can be used to define the behavior of  the object.


Pick Up:- If you have to make pickup object you can make it with the help of a 3D object called cube placing it on the ground and then make its X,Y and Z rotation 45 degree each. And if you want to rotate them too then a script will be required(which i will tell you in the next tutorial). It will require a Box collider to collide with other components.


Also the walls can be designed with the help of a cube by making the cube dimensions flat in 2 dimensions and making 1 in any one axis and then increasing the length in one direction.

I hope that this part of tutorial may have helped you with some of your doubts and problems. We will return with the next part of this unity tutorial soon.

If you have any queries regarding unity please comment in the section below.


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August 7, 2016
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