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    Enterprise Application
    We develop enterprise applications for our clients keeping their
    business goals in mind. Our UI/UX designers create various forms
    and widgets keeping various device form factors in mind.
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    Mobile Applications
    We provide mobile applications for both iOS and Android platform.
    Our team understands your business needs and accordingly propose
    native or hybrid solutions; which meet your requirements and budget.

Product Development

We develop specialized products using cutting edge technology along with intuitive user-experience. Our expertise in design, coupled with best technical skills, make us unique

Project OutSourcing

We offer project execution services as per our customer’s requirement. We follow Agile methodologies, which are highly adapatable and leads to fast deliveries and lesser cost

Training & Consultancy

We offer specialied training and mentoring services to help our clients expedite ramp on their projects. We also offer consulting and advisory services in some of our key competency areas.

Resourcing & Manpower

We partner with our clients to create a winning team; complement them to turn their weaknesses into strength by providing them the required resources/manpower

What We Offer

  • Mobile App Development

    Mobile Apps are the key driving force for businesses trying to engage with larger number of customers and providing them unique customer experience. We help you in identifying the right mobility solution.

  • Enterprise Mobility Solutions

    Enterprise mobility is need of this hour for businesses having next generation enterprise applications and the legacy applications as well. We support our customers in choosing the right mobility solution for their applications.

  • Cloud Solutions & Services

    As growing numbers of organizations harness the low costs, elastic processing power and high flexibility of cloud-computing, they will need the help of a trusted and highly skilled architects.

  • IoT Solutions

    Internet of Things, will provide unique propositions for business to thrive in a hyper-connected world of people and gadgets/sensors. We shall be your trusted partner in harnessing the power of IoTs.

  • Web App Development

    Web has never been so dynamic as today with varied front-end and back-end technology stacks available. We champion the elements of web and create products which are intuitive in design and aesthetics.

  • Digitisation Solutions

    We offer complete digitisation solutions for big-projects involving 100-million or more documents to be digitised. Our workflows are adaptive and optimises the scanning team efficiency by applying QA-checks at each step.

  • DMS(DSpace) and PDF Solutions

    As an extension of our digitisation solution, we offer solutions around PDF/A; which happens to be the de-facto standard in archiving. We offer a suite of utilities to OCR, compress, digitally-sign, water-mark and add apply meta-data to PDF/A files. Also, we offer DSpace customisation services.

  • Data Analytics & Reporting Solutions

    We offer solutions that allow you to analyse huge amount of data for the real-time business intelligence. Businesses should operationalize their insights in real-time to create value from the data.

Team at Dezyne Technologies means business...they are commited, focussed and go-getters.